Epic Last Stand! – Total War Warhammer Chaos Campaign (Steel Faith) #7


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Welcome to my Total War Warhammer Warriors of Chaos campaign as Archaon.
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28 Responses

  1. daarnit

    October 3, 2017 10:48 am

    Its a shame you cant promote units and re-equip them. Like your Marauders, they should be able to become chaos warriors now, they've earned it! …be nice to be able to bring a weak cannon fodder unit from obscurity to glory, the variation because of experience and gifts would make them unique and more like regiments of renown within your campaign.

    Eg: Take some basic marauders who somehow keep surviving, and gift them Chaos Armour, better weapons or more specialised ones, then later give them steeds and make them knights, then give the survivors hero or lord status ets. So say 3 of the original units last long enough to reach this, then you can detach them and get 3 free hero units, or 3 free base units to begin building, now you have someone who can lead them!? 😀 PLEASE!!!! hahaha (Might not be possible to track individuals like that, but if you could, I think this would be awesome to have as an option for any of the races.) Makes personalisation and custom unit creation a huge thing to play with, and it could all fit into rules and costs etc, so no OP except because its been earned!
    Much like the Warband system worked back in the old books like "The Lost and The Damned", much more realistic, especially for the more horde based factions! 😉 Skaven, Chaos, Orcs etc, I just don't see them being anywhere near as regimented and organised and obedient as they are represented in the games in general. I used to work for GW, and I always had an issue with the sanitising and "P.C." changes they kept pushing onto the once glorious madness of such foes. Old warbands allowed for mixed race mixed equipment units, more like units of champions, all with unique stats. I had a random unit which began as a few marauders, it ended up being around 30 strong and had skaven, orcs and even undead in it, all fallen to Chaos. They were all armed as individuals and many had random Chaos gifts, one even rolled a random 1in1000 chance gift of a Shuriken Catapult which fell through the warp! No shit! This stuff was stupid rare, but possible, in those rule books. 🙂

    "I miss TRUE Chaos, these fashion loving heretics are so mincing and proper, its a wonder they aren't called "The Spikey Elves of the North"!!!" D'Aarn ~Deamon Prince of Khorne (Retired)

  2. Killerzaz202

    October 3, 2017 10:48 am

    Is there a Lich king mod for the game you can play for us? Because I love the Lich king & i really want a campaign for him & the scourge. Would love it if you found a mod for him

  3. Darthplagueis13

    October 3, 2017 10:48 am

    For a good Marauder army you sadly need a lot of leadership support. That means for every 3 marauder units you will have to recruit one unit of aspiring champions or embed one hero. Only then you will be able to fight such unbalanced matches without suffering a mass rout or getting killed too fast with those very basic units. Btw, could you maybe give Sigvald his own army? Maybe one that consists of as many shiny things and units as possible?

  4. Martinovsky

    October 3, 2017 10:48 am

    Raksharak : Veles ma Hound Wh're art thou ? i am getting reck without thou… :'(
    * 5 sec later *
    Raksharak has been killed in combat…
    Raksharak ghost to Veles : Avenge meeeeeeeee !

  5. Zeno

    October 3, 2017 10:48 am

    Man, a Gorebeast Chariot for Archaons Army would have been awesome and it still would fit his army theme i think. Can you not teleport to your quest battles in this mod? But if you have to walk to fight your quest battles, see it positively… more time for the enemies to get stronger, which would mean a more challenging campaign and more challenging battles.


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