Fallout 4 Slog slave settlement build + ARENA FIGHTS – GAUNTLET: a slave market and arena


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8:40 Arena in action

This is the GAUNTLET, my raider vassal settlement providing food and supplies for the raider outposts. After settlement tour, I will show you my arena in action and how I turned this into my vassal feeding raider outposts.

It was pretty challenging to make it so that is would look like semi-prison camp and a market for slaves, a place that a slave buying customer would like to go and be entertained for a while.

It was a little bit hard too to think like a…


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  1. ETSubmariner

    October 2, 2017 11:33 pm

    There's a mod on the Nexus for retaining control of a settlement even when a vassal. Also, I might suggest just walking when showing settlements. All that running and stopping is somewhat nauseating.


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