Radeon RX 580 + Ryzen 5 1600 Test in 8 Games


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Radeon RX 580 + Ryzen 5 1600 Test in 8 Games

Games :
Grand Theft Auto V – 01:00
Project CARS 2 – 02:09
Mass Effect Andromeda – 03:18
Just Cause 3 – 04:37
Deus Ex Mankind Divided – 06:34
The Witcher 3 – 08:23
Far Cry Primal – 09:25

Windows 10
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2Ghz
RAM 2400Mhz
Asus PRIME B350M-A
RX 580 8 Gb 1366/8000Mhz
16Gb RAM


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  1. LtSheppard

    October 2, 2017 8:11 pm

    at this price point, i hate to say it but the gtx 1060 is a better value even though it has less vid memory. It out performs the radeon card all the way. I have a last gen Fx 8 core processor and a gtx 1060 and get better fps in these games than this guy gets with the new gen stuff.. i just wish amd would either sell alot cheaper again or make stuff thats just as good for the money. i miss the day i could slap a amd sticker on my case and feel proud

  2. Eyezblur

    October 2, 2017 8:11 pm

    Can you tell me is gtx 1070 gaming x worth the money? because at first i was thinking to get rx 580 gaming x cause it's best value for the money,so i wonder if that gtx 1070 is too.That means i need g-sync monitor (i like asus mg248q).So what's the best combination,rx 580 gaming x + freesync monitor or gtx 1070 gaming x + g-sync monitor?.Is it worth 350 euros more? Also ,my cpu would be ryzen 5 1600.Thanks!

  3. montetank tankkiller

    October 2, 2017 8:11 pm

    Yeah-thats my system. BTW-you can play most of the games in virtual resolution 2560×1440 with 60+FPS with ultra settings on a FHD-monitor. And in 4K with 40-50 FPS. A good RX 580 (Sapphire limited or special edition) is a big choice.
    Why don`t you make some benches with the virtual resolution? With some graphics comparisons? Would be funny to see.
    Nice vid.


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